Which are the smart ways to recycle food waste?

Food is natural hence recyclable. By recycling, leftover coffee grounds, leftover foods, green leafy vegetables the dump yard will never overflow. There are a lot of ways to recycle food waste. Below are the best ideas.

Make a compost

Food waste makes an excellent fertiliser that can later be used in the garden. To make compost manure, make a pit and throw the food waste in it every day. However, do not add meat leftovers as such food attract animals to the pit.

Food is biodegradable so when it rot it males great compost. The manure is used to grow vegetables in the garden or planting trees.

Give it to the neighbour’s compost pit

If you have a small homestead or cannot make compost to yourself, you can opt to hand the waste to your neighbour compost pit. Some communities have a large compost pit where food leftover are picked up once in a week.

Organic waste recyclers

Some companies specialise in recycling organic materials such as grass cutting, food waste and dried leaves. They collected the materials and recycled them. Have such recycle bin installed in your house and strictly throw food waste where the authorities will collect the garbage once in a week.

Fruit peel pots

If you love gardening, you could sow fruit seeds to make seedlings. Use fruit peels such as avocado peels and watermelon to plant your seed.

Keep slug away

Garden Slug eat up plants and their roots. By placing groundnuts or eggshell around your favourite plants, you inhibit the growth of slug hence your plants remains unaffected.

Offer you food waste to a local farmer

Food waste makes good manure. You could ask the farmer to pick up the trash, or you take it to them. It is a great chance to visit a farm.

Feed the food waste to animals

Food waste makes a great meal to goats, pigs and chicken. You will have no food waste filling your dump, and many farm animals get to thrive on your scrap.

Easter eggs dye

Eggs are coloured with artificial colours. Such eggs are harmful to our bodies. Instead, boiled egg in onion skins and they will change to either orange colour or dark yellow. You get to eat the eggs later, and the onion skin can be used in other ways.

Birdhouses from gourds

Dry the gourds and treat them to get rid of the smell. Make holes and use them as bird houses in your garden.

By recycling food waste, we reduce environmental pollution that comes from landfills. Such massive dumpsites are ugly, unhygienic and produce fouls smell. They are breeding grounds for animals which later scatter to homestead for shelters. Try the above ideas and be part of the environmentally friendly movement for a better future.