Recycle Scrap Metal for Money

Recycling materials is a good way to reduce consuming new fresh materials through industrial causes, by recycling materials we are able to transform them to serve our life`s needs again, and this would make many benefits for humans and environment, as it provides job and market opportunities for people, and reduce negative impact on the environment.

Recycling scrap metal is a good way for an extra side income, and some people can make a living out of it too, if they have bigger amounts of time and efforts towards such a project.

Your garage or basement can be full with unwanted things such as old electronic devices, vehicles damaged parts, broken furnishers, wires, old batteries and more.

This can actually make you some kind of money, when you decide to dispose them with the right way and to the right source.

So if you are an ordinary person and looking for some kind of extra income, and on the same time you have some organization and handy skills in you, you could try this in your spare time, as it will teach you a lot of things by putting you inside a new experience!

Let us take a look on some steps which are required for this kind of tasks:

  • Defining metal types:

There are many kinds of metal that are being used through our daily life in our devices; steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, and many more.

You have to know your way through this kind of metals, for example you can identify steel by a magnet, try to have a basic knowledge to identify metals from each other.

  • Sources:

There are many sources to get scrap metal, but we recommend the most common ones which are almost in everybody`s life:

  • Personal / house junk:

Including any old junk or unused items in your garage or basement, a damaged kitchen pot, a broken metal chair, tins and cans, old nails, your car old battery, and the list goes on..

  • Auctions:

Some people would make auctions to sell their old stuff with very low prices, these auctions contains a lot of metal items, including old electronic devices, or any kind of used items.

  • Garbage out day:

Some communities encourage its inhabitants to have a garbage out day, people would put old items they do not need in front of their houses on that day, to let others pick it up, if you want to gather these items, you ought to know more about your community initiations and activities, these pick-ups can be a huge source of scrap metals, when choosing to pick up the right things.

  • Organizing and sorting:

So you got your own quantity of scrap and junk metal, now the right thing to do is to organize and sort out these items, to categorize every kind on its own; wires and cables should be collected, steel made items must have their own pile, cooper items to be gathered together, this will make everything easy with you when selling out these items in quantities, as most of these metals are sold by weight.

  • Selling scrap metal

There are many options to sell out scrap metal:

  • Recycling companies can pick up these metals for a certain price, usually they offer low prices for such items, but it can differ in quantities, on the same time you can quarantine that these items will get into recycling industries, and have a minimum impact on the environment.
  • Scrappers can pick any kind of items out of your house, but most of these guys would take the items for free, as they want to have a profit for themselves too, but also professional scrappers can give you a good bargain price for these items.
  • Scrap yards offer the best and highest price for scrap metal, these places know well about the value of your old items, and they would get the maximum benefit out of them
  • The gems!

While picking or organizing old items, you ought to keep an eye for rare things, an old TV set can have more value than you think, or perhaps an old piece of furniture, take a good closer look at the items, you do not know what are the rare things that could be found, many collectors are willing to pay exceptional high prices for such rare items.