E-Waste – Recycle or Reuse?

Have you ever wondered about the destiny of your old electronic device?

The E-waste is every electronic component comes from electronic devices, whether it is old or damaged, and no matter what the device type is.

The E-waste is a problem that disturbs many environmentalists and technology manufacturers, because despite the huge efforts made by both parties; the problem is present and still active, due to the high consuming of users, and their behaviors towards disposing of the old or damaged electronic devices.

E-waste contains many types of materials which have a big negative impact on the environment and people, these materials usually are thrown in landfills, and they would last years until dissolution, and even though they would release poisons and toxics into the environment, which would harm every living soul on the long run.

Recycle or reusing electronic devices are two good suitable options to prevent such a harm, but what is the right decision to make when you dispose of your device?

We give you some hints and information on this article to make sure you take the right decision regarding that matter.

  • Reuse:

Take a closer look at the status of your device: does it really need to be disposed of? Is it damaged and cannot be repaired? Do you have to really buy the new version of this device?

  • A damaged device can be repaired via a maintenance shop or the services` center of the device`s brand, on the economic side; this will provide more jobs and opportunities for the people.
  • If you are thinking of buying a new device based on a luxury choice; you ought to reconsider and think of that decision as a need or demand option, based on your life`s type and attributes, do you really need this new device in your daily usage? Or you can simply keep using this device? Or perhaps replacing and exchanging it with another used device.
  • An old device can be donated to a charity cause, or to be sold / given to a family member / friend for reusing purpose.
  • Usually, manufacturers accept the returning of old devices from customers, the devices parts are to be disassembled and refurbished, and that is another way of reusing these materials.


  • Recycle:

Recycling is the last option that you would do to dispose of an electronic device, because despite the efforts made by the responsible ones on this matter, a negative impact has a part within the operation.

  • Make sure you hire a professional company / persons to recycle electronic devices, also make sure they will dispose of the materials with the right way, not just throwing them into landfills.
  • Manufacturers should always identify an expected expiration date to their products, due to the potential harm impact that can be caused by the materials components of the devices, or to enhance their effort to produce more Eco-friendly products, and a customer should encourage these products by buying them more than the usual products.
  • Some companies would dump old components by exporting them to some developing countries, as a second use products, a filtration process should be in line with this operation to prevent the harm caused by the materials to the working people or to these countries` environments.